Haris Rauf Net worth in rupees 2023, age, height, family, marriage and stats

Haris Rauf , you will already know about this personality because he is one of the famous Pakistani celebrities. You will surely hear his name in the news, here  I will remind you that Haris Rauf is a Pakistani international cricketer. He is one of the best players of his team. Haris is a talented batsman.

Haris Rauf started the journey from his birthplace with a tennis ball cricketer on the street. With the passage of time his improvement became the success place which he would reach. 

Because of his team work, there are many fans worldwide. Here we will discuss the net worth of Haris. His age, fitness, family background, marriage, stats and career. We will also discuss the earning sources with details. 

This introduction delves into the life and career of this emerging cricket sensation, highlighting the key milestones and qualities that have made him a standout figure on the global cricketing stage. 

Haris Rauf Date of Birth

Haris Rauf was born on  November 7th, 1993 in Rawalpindi, the city of the province of punjab. Now around 30 years old, His family belongs from Manserra in the region Hazara in Pakistan. He is physically fit and an active player. 

His height is 1.8 meters.The weight of Haris is 70 kg. Basically he belonged in the middle family. No one was in cricket before Haris in his family.   He is a fast bowler of his team. His bowling style is fastly and right-handed. Haris Rauf is a muslim and his nationality is pakistan. He is a Right-Arm batsman. 

Early Life of Haris Rauf

From an earlier age Haris Rauf loved cricket very much. He played with his neighbor children from his childhood. He was playing better from the beginning. Haris worked hard and achieved his goal. He became a good bowler of pakistani. 

Education of Haris Rauf

Haris is Educated person. He completed his education from the International Islamic University of Islamabad. He played football in his University life and secured a trophy. 

Haris Rauf starting Journey

Haris Rauf started his journey after completing graduate degree. Before joining cricket he participated in the football team during study. In 2018 Haris joined Lahore Qalandar as a trial and his bowling was excellent. 

His team won a trophy from Abu Dhabi. He is the best bowler of the international cricket team . Haris played many test matches against different countries. You can see his details.

Debut/Last Matches of Haris Rauf

  • Haris Rauf test Debut: Haris started his international test career on December 01 2023 against England at Rawalpindi.
  • Haris Rauf ODI Debut: He Joined Pakistan International ODI team on October 30, 2020 against Zimbabwe at Rawalpindi. He Played his most recent ODI match against India on September 10, 2022 at colombo.
  • Haris Rauf T20 Debut: Haris Rauf started his t20 career for Pakistan International team on January 24,2020 against Bangladesh at Lahore. He played his most recent t20 match against New Zealand on April 24, 2023 at Rawalpindi.

Haris Rauf PSL career

The journey of emerging Pakistani star, and a world class fast bowler from Lahore Qalandars. In 2018 when the draft for the PSL 2019 was announced, Lahore Qalandars were looking for a new pace bowler for the team.

Haris Rauf tried his luck, and went for the trials. The management of Lahore Qalandars was very impressed because of his bowling, so he was selected in Lahore Qalandars team, because of his bowling speed.

He never left Lahore Qalandars and played for LQ till now. His Performance was excellent in PSL, so because of psl, he joined Pakistan cricket team.

Haris Rauf Monthly Salary

Haris Rauf is an international cricketer. His monthly income is approximately 1.25 million in Pakistani rupees. He charged different fees for different matches. 

His Retainer fee is 5,62,500 in Pakistani rupees. ODI fee is 17,500, test fee is 35,500, T20 fee is 10,000 . All fees are  in Pakistani Rupees. His income sources are Endorsements, Cricket and Advertisements.   

Hasir Rauf Monthly PSL salary

In 2023 Haris Rauf contracted salary with psl is $150k USD. 

Haris Rauf fastest Bowler

Hasir is the fastest bowler of the Pakistan team. His highest speed of bolling is 159 kph. Mostly Haris delivered a hat- trackball which is very difficult for a facing batsman. 159 kph is the recorded speed of Haris Rauf in four matches .   

Haris Rauf wife

Haris Rauf is a married cricketer. His wife’s name is Muzna Masood Malik. She is his classmate.Muzna lived in Rawalpindi and she is permanently pakistani. 

She is a famous model of pakistan.Muzna was born in october 20,1997. Now she is 26 years old. She completed her graduation from islamabad with Haris Rauf. 

Haris Rauf Net worth

The Haris Rauf net worth is around $5 million. In Indian rupees haris rauf net worth is approximately 41 crore. The main source of his net worth is cricket but he earns huge amounts through endorsement and advertising  of different brands. 

Endorsements of Haris Rauf

Haris promotes many brands but one of them is GymArmour, the clothing brand is promoted by Haris Rauf. Rauf has mentioned GymArmour in his Instagram bio.

Haris Rauf House

Haris lives with his family in a beautiful house which is situated in Mansehra , Rawalpindi. It is a double story house which has decorated rooms and a luxury loan for refreshing. 

Cars Collections of Haris Rauf

He does have some cars which mention here

  • A white coloured Audi. 
  • He also has a Honda Civic which was gifted to him by the CEO of Lahore Qalandars.

Haris Rauf Batting Stats

Haris Rauf Career Stats

  • Format    Mat Runs
  • Test         1 78
  • ODI         27 1262
  • T20I         62 1802

Almost in all matches his progress was better and he performed well. His achievements made him a Pakistani star. 

Social Media linking account of Haris Rauf

Haris Rauf has social media accounts on each platform like instagram, Facebook twitter, youtube etc.  We can say that millions of followers are available on social media that like , comment and share Haris’s posts. Everyone can follow easily by searching his name on each platform. 


Everyone knows about Haris Rauf. he is an international cricketer of the Pakistan cricket team. Haris belongs to Rawalpindi. 

He is the best bowler and one of the fast bowlers of his team.Haris knows about football because before joining his current career, he participated in football in his study life. He is one of Pakistani celebrities.

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