Fakhar zaman net worth in rupees 2023, age, height, family, salary and stats

As you know , Fakhar Zaman is the best player of the Pakistani international cricket team. He is a dynamic and strong batsman of his team. His significance in the Pakistani team has made him a supreme cricketer. Fakhar Zaman rose up his progress with spending of time and to be the best player of the Pakistan international team.  

Here we will talk about the early age, journey and maximum detail of Fakhar Zaman. Fakhar Zaman net worth is also discussed in this article. Before starting his present journey Fakhar was not a remarkable personality. But now he is known to be one of the most famous personalities of his country.  

 This introduction delivered you all information about one of the best players, Fakher Zaman . Here we will discuss his early life, physical fitness, passion, salary and we also highlight the stats and career progress of him.  

Early Life of Fakhar Zaman

Fakhar Zaman lived in Mardan in his earlier age.he spent his early age in his birthplace. After his matriculation he moved to Karachi and joined the Navy force as a sailor. He was 16 years old. When he learned to survive the sea. He saw the dream to be a professional cricketer.

Fakhar Zaman Date OF Birth

Zaman is the opening batsman. Fakhar is 33 years old, the date of birth of Fakhar Zaman is 10th April , 1990. He is a good muslim and his religion is Islam. He was born in  Katlang,in the province of  Khyber Pakhtunkhwa,.

Fakhar Zaman is a pakistani best left- handed. Overall his progress is superlative. He is a physically strong gentleman because before his current passion he was an army trainer. 

Fakhar Zaman family background

Fakhar Zaman is basically Pushton. His grandpa’s house is in Mardan. He belongs to a middle class family. No one has joined as a cricketer before him from his family. He is one of his family who wanted to be the best cricketer of the Pakistan international team and completed his dream. 

Physically fitness of Fakhar Zaman

 Zaman is a pashtun from Mardan. He is healthy and physically active. His height is 1.8 meters (5 ft 11in). His achievements are good in all matches.in his short time Zaman made 10 centuries. He is a well educated person and studied in Bahria Schools and Colleges.  In 2007, he joined the army and in 2012 he participated in the international team. 

Zaman participated in Matches

Here you can identify some different matches in which Fakhar Zaman was a participant and list of starting and ending dates and also the place where the matches were conducted. Details given below. 

Fakhar Zaman Debut

  • Fakhar Zaman Test Debut: Fakhar started his test career at Abu Dhabi on 16 October 2018. Fakhar played his most recent test match against South Africa on January 03 2019 at cape town.
  • Fakhar Zaman ODI Debut: He started ODI career in a match against South Africa on June 07, 2017 at Birmingham. Fakhar Played his recent ODI match against Sri Lanka on September 14, 2023.
  • Fakhar Zaman T20I Debut: Fakhar Zaman joined Pakistan International T20 cricket team at post of spain on March 30, 2017 in a match against West indies. He played his most recent T20 match against New Zealand on April 20, 2023 at Rawalpindi.

Fakhar Zaman Best ODI performance

The best ever ODI performance from Fakhar Zaman was in the final of Champions trophy in 2017. He was playing against India and scored 114 runs and received the award of man of the match in the most important match.

Fakhar Zaman play in Domestic teams

The domestic team in which Fakhar Zaman played and showed the best  performance. These teams can be noticed here. In all matches Fakhar Zaman performed better and his runs graph upgraded gradually. 

He started these matches from 2012 with the navy team, after 2012 his mind changed. Zaman left his job and joined cricket as a career for the future. In 2016 he played in the world cup and made the highest score at 2nd number of all batsmen. 

Fakhar Zaman PSL history

He Started playing in one of the best t20 cricket leagues, Pakistan Super league (PSL) in 2017. Fakhar Zaman started his PSL career in Lahore Qalandars and currently he is still playing for Lahore Qalandars, and performing very great for the team.

Fakhar Zaman PSL Salary

Zaman’s yearly salary is nearly 3 crore from PSL. he is also a contract holder of PCB, T20 and ODI. His monthly income is approximately 1 crore in Pakistani rupees. 

Fakhar Zaman Net Worth in 2023

As estimated the total Net Worth of Fakhar Zaman is around $ 5 million which is in Pakistani rupees 40 crore.  The main source of his net worth is different match fees. Others are brand agreements, and advertisements. He won a huge amount of his best performance. 

Fakhar Zaman Annually Salary

  • Annual Income: PKR 30 crores +
  • PCB Contract: 1.1 million PKR
  • ODI Match Fee: PKR 25,000
  • Test Match Fee: PKR 50,000
  • T20I Match Fee: PKR 15,000
  • PSL Salary: $150,000

As you know, Fakhar Zaman is the best cricketer of pakistan. On social media networks millions of his fans are present, they appreciate him on his performance and overall his progress. Anyone can be followed easily on instagram, facebook, twitter and other platforms.  

Endorsements of Fakhar Zaman

Fakhar Zaman deals with different brands and collects a large amount of endorsements. His agreement with big brand SAMSUNG mobile , another brand is  fitness wear brand Gym Armour. Zaman earns 10 lakhs plus INR.  

Fakhar Zaman is Married // UN Married

According to reporting sources, Fakhar Zaman is married. He has a child named Zain Fakhar. His wife’s name is Saniya Ashfaq. Zaman has been married since 2018. 

Fakhar Zaman Car Collections

Fakhar Zaman has a HONDA CITY Car that he won when he played in Lahore Qalander. Nothing else more details about his vehicles. 


Fakhar Zaman is the best player of the Pakistani cricket team. He is a pathan. His nickname is Fuji because before interning in the team,he was in the Army. he is the best player and opener of the Pakistan cricket team. His bowling is medium but good batsman of his country.

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