Naseem Shah net worth in rupees 2023, Early life, age, and monthly salary

If you are interested to learn about the life journey of Naseem Shah, then stay tuned to the end of this article. In this article, you will get to know each and everything about Naseem Shah. His age, education, family, his career, and his journey in becoming zero to hero. We will discuss Naseem Shah net worth in rupees, salary, and much more.

Naseem Shah, full name Naseem Abbas Shah, has become one of cricket’s youngest and most talented fast bowlers. He is one of the few cricketers who has made their name in cricket history at a very young age and in the shortest time lapse.

Naseem Shah has a keen interest in cricket from a young age. He started to play cricket at a very young age in his village. His mother wanted to see him as a part of the Pakistani cricket team. Still, his father wanted him to focus on his studies and go abroad for higher studies.

Naseem Shah Biography

Naseem Shah is the youngest and most professional player of the Pakistani cricket team. He plays a role as a right-arm fast bowler. He plays for Zarai Takiyati Bank Limited in domestic cricket.

Naseem Shah birthplace

Naseem Abbas Shah was born on February 15, 2003, in Mayar Jandool Lower Dir, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. By now, he is 20 years old.

Naseem Shah Family

Naseem Shah father name is Haji Muzaffar Shah. His mother died in 2019 due to a heart attack just a day before his first debut when he was 16. He has four brothers and two sisters. His brother, Hunain Shah, is also a part of the Pakistani cricket team. It plays for Lahore Qalandars in the Pakistan Super League PSL.

Naseem Shah Height & Weight

  • His approximate height is
  • In feet and inches-5’8″
  • In meters–1.72 m
  • In centimeters–172 cm
  • His weight is 78kgs (171 lbs)

Naseem Shah Education

During an interview, Naseem Shah, the fast bowler on the Pakistan cricket team, said that he was not good at studies and his education was just matriculation. He further asked how someone takes an interest in studies while playing cricket all day.

Naseem said that his teachers used to think him dumb and make him sit in the last row in the class. He and his friends used to discuss cricket all day while sitting at the back, and they also played cricket in the break time.

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During the interview, when the host was discussing Naseem Shah education, he explained about his English proficiency that he used to know only 30 percent of English, and now he is working on it, and he can speak 60 percent of English directly. He further said that he is a natural person and wants to remain as he is.

Naseem Shah relationship status

Urvashi Rautela is a famous Indian actress who attended the Pakistan vs India match 2022. After one month, she shared a video made by a fan in which Naseem Shah and Urvashi were smiling and blushing. This video went viral and gained a big public attention. People had started to think that they both are in a relationship. However, both Naseem and Urvashi denied this by saying that these were false rumors.

In an interview, when Naseem was asked about Urvashi, he simply denied that he didn’t know who she was, and he just kept focus on his match. He further said that he has nothing special in him, but he heartily appreciates the love that people always give him.

Recently, Naseem Shah and Urvashi were again linked with each other. A video went viral on the internet in which Naseem Shah seems to propose Urvashi. But this video was made by a master-minded person in which two clips were amazingly edited in such a way that it became difficult to believe that it was a fake video.

The person who edited that video, wants to make them a controversial topic once again. But it was later proved that the video was fake. Naseem Shah is currently single and has not any girlfriend. He is just Focusing on his career in 2023.

Naseem Shah Career

Naseem Shah was a cricket lover from a very young age. Seeing his extraordinary interest in cricket, his uncle got him enrolled in Abdul Qadir cricket academy in Lahore. There, his skill was polished by his coach, Sulaman Qadir.

Naseem Shah In Lahore Qalandars

Due to his remarkable performance, he was selected to play for Lahore Qalandars at under-16 level. By then, his age was just 13.

Selection in Pakistan Team

After a year, when he slowly gained the attention of the decision-makers, he was added to Pakistan’s team under-16 level.

Playing Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited

Naseem Shah professional cricket career started from Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited Lahore. He started to gain attention during 2018-19. While playing a first-class domestic match, he took eight wickets in a single inning for his team. He is considered the youngest fast bowler to debut in test cricket at the age of just 16.

Playing Central Punjab Squad

Due to his rocking performance, he was called by the Central Punjab Squad to play in the 2019-20 Quaid-e-Azam Trophy Tournament. On October 13, 2019, Naseem played his T20 debut for Central Punjab in the 2019-20 National T20 Cup.

Naseem Shah International Career

In 2019, Naseem Shah was selected by Pakistan’s test team to play for Pakistan against Australia. At that time his international cricket career was started. He made his first test debut for Pakistan while playing against Australia on 21st November,2019. By then, he was just 16 years old and he became tha 9th youngest players who made their fist debut in this young age.

During this match, Naseem made all the viewers shocked while delivering ball at the speed of 147 km/h or 91.3 mph in his first ever over. All the senior cricketers got too much impressed by the astonishing performance of such a young child.

In the same month, Naseem was selected by pakistan’s test team to play against Sri Lanka. He achieved the title of the second youngest fast bowlers in the world by taking his first five wickets haul.

In February 2020, Naseem shah set a record to take a hat-trick against Bangaldesh.
He has always been admired for his ability to swing the ball and give the batsmen a tough time with his fast pace bowling.

Naseem Shah Salary

Naseem Shah net worth in rupees depends on source of income, which is cricket and and he also work as a brand ambassador of UZ sports.
As Naseem Shah is a part of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). All PCB employess earn a specific monthly salary. It doesn’t matter whether they play match or not. They receive a fixed amount every monthly . Naseem Shah get almost $19000 annually from PCB. which is almost 5.7 million in PKR.

In addition to montly salary, every player receive a match fee based on the type of match. Naseem shah fee for Test matches is approx $3200 which is 9.6 lakhs in PKR. His fee for ODI matches is around $2000 which is 6 lakhs in PKR. He charge ~$1500 for T20 matches which is 2.5 lakhs in PKR. His contract for PSL is around $37000 which becomes 11 million in PKR.

Naseem Shah Salary in PSL

Naseem Shah is associated with Pakistan Super Leagues (PSL). His contract for PSL in 2019 was of just $10000 while he was playing for Quetta Galidators. Later on, Based on his performance, his salary was increased remarkably.

In 2020, he was paid $20000, in 2021, he got $40000 and in 2022, his salary was increased even more to $45000. According to some reports, he is expected to get $170000 as he is now a part of premium category. So PSL salary also impact on naseem shah net worth

Naseem Shah Net Worth in 2023

He is now considered as one of the richest Pakistani cricketer. Naseem Shah net worth is $3 million as of now, 2023 which is around 90 crores in PKR.


Naseem Shah has gained this position by continuous struggle. His journey from becoming zero to hero is astonishing. He worked for himself and now he is known as a top youngest fast bowlers in the world. He even stood against his father’s will to make his dream come ture.

At start, he also faced many difficulties but he does not loss hope and continued his struggle to become a top rated cricketer from Pakistani team. He is even well-known in the world due to his remarkable and amazing performance. The way he is stepping towards success, he will surely become a top Cricketer in the world very soon.

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