Shaheen Shah Afridi Net Worth, Salary, age, career, Achievement 

In this research you will get accurate and all  information about Shaheen shah Afridi,  the best bowler of the international cricket team of Pakistan. Shaheen Afridi is the most prominent bowler in the world.

He is a young bowler of his team and a dynamic cricketer .  There are a lot of people in the world  that are fans of Shaheen because of his bowling skills.

Shaheen Shah is ranking continuously in his team, and hopes  that he will quickly become a pick power of the Pakistan international cricket team. This introduction delivers all the remarkable journey of Shaheen Afridi, early life, career and achievements of the world. 

Early Life of Shaheen Shah Afridi

Shaheen Shah Afridi was born in the bakworld area of Pakistan which is North-western. The name of his birthplace is  “Zakha Khel Tribe”   that is situated in  ‘Federally Administered Tribal Area’ (FATA), near the border of Afghanistan. 

The date of birth of Shaheen Shah is 6, April, 2000. His present age is above 23 years, and he is the most highlighted bowler of his squad. In his early age he lived in a small town of( FATA) Namely  Landi Kotal.

Shaheen belongs to a middle family but his improvement grew up at the highest position. He followed his elder brother’s career and got good marks for his achievement.The name of his brother is Riaz Afridi. Shaheen is the youngest of seven brothers.  He played with his brothers in the beginning, after that he pursued a career. 

Selection Age of Shaheen shah in Cricket

At the age of 14, Shaheen told his parents about the passion to join for the future life, they agreed and gave the permission to achieve the goal and sent him to the city of peshawar. 

He joined a club and began his practice properly, he continued his practice for two years, after that at the  age of 16 years he was selected as a best bowler in Under 16  pakistan cricket team.      

He played as a fast bowler in different cricket clubs and got several wickets in his matches from the beginning. In a short period of time he became the best fast  bowler in the world.

Shaheen became a good player with the help of his brother and Wasem Akram. They both were emotional to shaheen for choosing cricketer possession because his bowling was better from the beginning. 

Shaheen bilt up his progress under-19 world cup and achieved 12 wickets throughout the tournament. This achievement improved his name in ICC and made him as a star of pakistan in the world.

Shaheen shah Date of birth

Shaheen Shah Afridi was born on April 6, 2000 in the backward area of( FATA) . His birth place name is Landi Kotal. Shaheen Shah is an ideal player for international teams . His height is nearly 1.98 meters. He is in the Pakistan national cricket team as a best bowler. He is also pakistani. His batting is medium but bowling is faster. Shaheen is a left-handed batsman.  

Teams of Shaheen Afridi

Shaheen Shah Afridi played an important role in domestic and international cricket teams. He participated in the domestic team as follows.

  1. The Pakistan national cricket team in which he was appointed. 
  2. Islamabad United PSL.
  3. Karachi Kings PSL. 
  4. Guyana amazon warrior CPL.
  5. The Central Punjab cricket team.
  6. The Rawalpindi Rams .
  7. Sui southern gas pipeline ltd. 
  8. Zarai Taraqiati Bank LTD. 
  9. Somerset county cricket club

Ranking place of Shaheen Afridi

The test ranking place of shaheen shah was 180th since 2021 in batting in the world and test bowling place was 7th. The highest test ranking place was 178th and test bowling test ranking place was 3rd since 2022. 

Recently Shaheen’s ranking place is counted at 17th in T201 overall  in the world. Currently the current rating stage of Shaheen is 616 and current ranking stage is 16, but the best rating stage is 634 and best ranking stage is 9 in T20 matches. The total wickets of Shaheen is 64 in T20.  

Shaheen Shah Afridi Net worth in Rupees

As you know that Shaheen shah Afridi is the best bowler in his team. Here you will know his income sources and total salary, you will also know about his total net worth. His total net worth is around $7 million in USD and nearly 58 crore in Indian Rupees. His Annual income is approximately 12 crore in indian rupees. So Shaheen shah Afridi net worth in rupees is around 58 crores.

Contract of Shaheen Afridi

Shaheen’s contract with PCB is 1 crore INR.  His ODI match fee is 25,000  in Pakistani rupees. Test match fee is Rs. 50,000. T20 match fee is 15,000 rupees. The PSL salary of Shaheen Shah is $170,000. 

He also charged this price from PSL by including Lahore Qalandar. Monthly income of Shaheen Shah is around 1 crore. His income sources are Cricket, Endorsements and Advertising. His brand Endorsement fee is 20 t0 50 Lakhs INR. 

Endorsement of Shaheen Shah

Gym Armour, Faysal Islami, etc are his famous Endorsements.​​ Shaheen Afridi has an agreement with  the brand ambassador for UZ Sports, a sports equipment company.

Wife of Shaheen Shah

Shaheen Afridi’s wife is Shahid Afridi’s daughter Ansha Afridi. Both families are pashtuns. Ansha Afridi is an educated girl, she completed her graduation from Karachi.her age is 21 years old and she likes Pakistani food.       

Shaheen Shah Afridi Latest Car Collection

There are many luxury cars available in Shaheen’s house that are all his property . Name of his cars as follows;

  • Toyota Land Cruiser INR. 1.50 Crore, PKR. 5.26 Crore
  • Audi A4 INR. 5.99 Lakh, PKR. 1.22 Crore
  • Audi A8 Hybrid INR. 1.29 Crore, PKR. 3.30 Crore
  • Honda Civic INR. 17.95 Lakh, PKR. 75.95 Lakh
  • Toyota Revo Hilux INR. 33.99 Lakh, PKR. 1.11 Crore


Shaheen Shah is the best bowler of Pakistani Cricketers. He is an active player of his team. His bowling style is very exclusive. Shaheen is the  honor of pakistan because his achievements have completely increased with the passage of time. 

A Bunch of people in the world are fans of Shaheen Shah because of his overall progress . He is one of the country stars. His height is ideal and bowling speed is faster. Shaheen is the best personality of his country. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How much Shaheen Shah Afridi Earn?

Shaheen shah afridi’s expected monthly income is about 4 million pkr.

How many cars shaheen Afridi have?

Shaheen shah afridi has 5 cars in his collection. The name of cars and their prices is discussed already in this article.

Why is shaheen famous?

Shaheen shah afridi is so much famous because of his excellent bowling performance.

What is shaheen fastest ball?

The fastest delivery shaheen shah afridi bowled is 154.2 kmph or 95.81mph.

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