Types Of No Ball in Cricket

Cricket, often hailed as a gentleman’s game, is filled with nuances and intricate rules that add to its charm. One such rule that keeps both players and fans on their toes is the “No Ball.” In this article, we will delve into the various types of no balls in cricket, exploring the reasons behind them, …

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Pakistani Cricket Players Salary In 2023 – Sports Globe

Pakistani Cricket Players Salary In 2023

Pakistani Cricket Players Salary: Cricket is one of the most loving and high paying careers in the world. The popularity and craze of cricket is on peak in Pakistan and in the world in 2023. Cricket players earn huge amounts from cricket and even from popularity. Pakistan cricket team is No 1 ODI team in …

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What is Strike Rate in Cricket – Explained In Detail

What is Strike Rate in Cricket

Did you see the strike rate in players stats and want to know what is strike rate in cricket. You are at the right place, In this article you will get all required information about strike rate in cricket. The meaning of strike rate is different for bowling and batting. I have tried my best …

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What is DRS in cricket? – Explained in detail

What is DRS in Cricket

DRS in cricket stands for decision review system. It is the use of digital technology to confirm the decision of the umpire or referee, either the decision is right or not. The technologies including, slow motion replays, ball tracking, microphones and infra red ball are used for drs in cricket. Before the invention of drs, …

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What is a Super Over in Cricket?- Rules of super over

What is Super Over In Cricket

If you are following cricket, and watching cricket matches. You have noticed that very rarely sometimes matches are tied without any result. To declare the result of the match, there is  the option of playing super over between both teams.  Both teams get a chance of batting and bowling in one over each. The team …

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Who is the richest cricketer in the world – Sports globe

Who is the richest crickete in the world

Being the most popular sport in the world after football, cricket has become a commercial game now. Most players take cricket as their permanent professional career and earn handsome revenue.  Cricket became a money-making business when T20 and Indian Premier League (IPL) started. Fans are concerned to know who is the richest cricketer in the …

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15 most popular cricketers in the world

most popular cricketers in the world in 2023

When discussing the most popular cricketers, some names shine at the top. Here, we’ll mention the top 15 most popular cricketers in the world. Cricket, the second most popular game, holds a special place in the hearts of millions. People’s love and passion for cricket is incredible. With time, brilliant cricket players are emerging around …

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Top 13 largest cricket stadiums in the world

Largest Cricket Stadiums

Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world after soccer/football. Cricket is followed by 2.5 billion people in the world while football (soccer) is followed by 3.5 billion people. The International Cricket Council (ICC) has the control of cricket. It has 100+ countries enrolled in it but only 12 countries play cricket on …

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