Shadab Khan Net worth in Rupees, biography, age, salary, achievements

Here you will get all the details about the Cricketer Shadab Khan. in this information you would gain knowledge of his biography, age, salary, net worth and achievements. 

As you know , Shadab Khan is a member of the Pakistani international cricket team. He is a talented and dynamic Pakistani cricketer. Shadab belongs to Mianwali, a city in the province of punjab.

Shadab is vice captain of the team. He is an expert in his skill. He is an all rounder in cricket. His journey started from a young age but now he is determined to be the best player in his squad. 

In his early age he was known as a domestic best player because from the beginner’s age he was interested in cricket and made to choose it as a passion for future. Under 19 Shadab Khan achieved  his goal and was selected in the Pakistani international cricket team because of his natural talent. 

In this introduction, I will talk about Shadab Khan’s early life, his cricketing journey, and his contributions to the Pakistan national cricket team, highlighting the remarkable career of this promising cricketer.

Shadab Khan Date of birth

Shadab Khan is a vice captain of the Pakistani international cricket team.he was born on October 4, 1998. Now his age is above 24 years. His birth place name is Mianwali, the northwest area of the Punjab province of pakistan. He has two brothers, their names are Aftab khan and Mehtab Khan. 

Height and style of Shadab Khan

The height of Shadab is 1.78 meters (5tf 10in) . As we already discussed, Shadab khan is an all rounder.He is a spin bowler and his bowling speed is 120 kph. He is a right-arm bowler and batting style is also right-handed. 

Early life Of Shadab Khan

In the early age Shadab Khan lived in his birth place. But now he moved from Mianwali to Rawalpindi with his family. In his childhood Shadab played with his street children. From the beginning he was interested in cricket.

Language and Family of Shadab Khan

Shadab Khan belongs to a middle class family. His father is a farmer and his basic  language is Saraiki but Shadab is a graduate. He completed his studies from hometown. Shadab’s family supported his passion and became a Pakistani star.

Joining Career Date of Shadab Khan

Shadab Khan joined his career in 2016. Firstly he started his career from domestic matches. His performance was outstanding from the beginning step-by-step. 

Shadab entered the international team. He played many test matches and improved himself with the passage of you can notice the debut detail. 

Shadab Khan Debut

  • Shadab Khan Debut in Test: He played his first test match (debut match) against West Indies at Bridgetown. Shabad Khan joined the Pakistani test squad on April 30 2017. He Played his latest test match, which he played for Pakistan test team was on August 05 2020 against England at Manchester.
  • Shadab Khan Debut in ODI: The joining of Shadab khan In Pakistan ODI team happens on April 07 2017, against West Indies at Providence. His latest ODI match was against India at Colombo on September 10, 2023.
  • Shadab Khan Debut in T20: Shadab Khan Joined Pakistani T20 squad on 26th match 2017, he played his first match against West Indies at Bridgetown.

Ranking position of Shadab Khan

The ranking position of Shadab Khan is upgraded day by day. His rating position moved up in ODI in recently played matches. 

He made 90 scores and got 4 wickets against Afghanistan, his rating place moved up three points and reached 49th on the bowling rate. Another sport he collected 4 points  and the overall rating list reached 11th position. 

Pakistani team is the number 1 ranking team from Australia, in which Shadab khan showed the biggest role to be ranking. His overall improvement was good and he is a star of his squad. 

Shadab Khan Net worth

Shadab khan is a player of pakistani international team. In 2023 Shadab khan net worth is nearly $ 1 million. The income sources of Shadab are cricket, endorsements and advertisements. Here  you can see the team fee of Shadab Khan.

  • His PCB Salary fee per Year is $50,000 USD,
  • ODI is $670 USD
  • Test is $805 USD
  • T20 is $447 USD
  • Hobart Hurricanes is
  •  $40,000 USD
  • Islamabad United is $170,000 USD

Total Net worth of Shadab Khan is between 1-5 million.  

Wife of Shadab Khan

Shadab Khan is married. On 23rd of January he married the daughter of Pakistani cricket coach Saqlain Mushtaq in a special ceremony. His wife’s name is Malaika Saqlain. After his wadding’s Shadab started his job with the choice of his wife and family.

House of Shadab Khan

Basically Shadab was living in Mianwali but now he lives in Rawalpindi. The name of this area is Westrage near Race course park. His house is very beautiful and the street is peaceful. 

Shadab khan lives in a double story house which is nearly 40 marla. His house is well decorated. Shadab is one of the slabities of Pakistan who belonged to a poor family but now his family live on a standard level. All family members love Shadab Khan.   

Endorsements and Brand Deals of Shadab Khan

Shadab Khan is the brand ambassador for CA Cricket. He earns a huge amount from endorsements. His agreement signed with pepsi, HBL, oppo and some other brands.

Cars Collections of Shadab khan

There are many vehicles Shadab has at his home. All cars are luxurious and very expensive.  Some of the cars in his collection are  brands like Mercedes-Benz and BMW.all of them he has different bikes.  


As you know , Shadab khan is the best Pakistani international cricketer. He is one of the best slabities of pakistan. He is the best all-rounder. Shadab is vice-Captain of the team. He ranked the whole team at international level. 

His own ranking position is moving up continuously. Shadab Khan won many prizes for his better progress. His success is very impressive . Thousands of people are followers of Shadab on social media, like twitter, instagram, youtube and facebook etc.he is the power of pakistan cricket team. 

Who is the father of Shadab khan wife?
Shadab khan wife is the daughter of Pakistani legend player Saqlain mushtaq.

What type of Bowling does Shadab khan do?

Shadab khan is the spinner bowler. His bowling style is right-arm leg breaker.
What is the networth of Shadab khan?

Shab khan net worth is approximately 1.5 million dollar which is equal to 200 million pkr.

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