Shahid Afridi net worth in rupees 2023, age, Biography,  Endorsements, and achievements

Shahid Afridi net worth: Everyone knows about the best player Shahid Afridi, he was the best cricketer of the Pakistan international cricket team. As before two decades ago, he was in the squad of the Pakistan international team. Afridi was the support of his group, he was known to be a skeleton of the Pakistani international team.

Shahid Afridi played in the Pakistani international cricket team since 1996 and was one of the all rounders of his bunch. He was considered the greatest batsman in the world. Afridi was dynamic and highlighted the personality of his passion. 

Mostly people saw those matches in which Afridi was a participant and now, they love to see the past cricket matches in which Shahid Afridi played. 

In this introduction you will perceive almost all information about Shahid Afridi, like his successful life, endorsements, age ,state and achievements. Behind his skill, Afridi lived in the hearts of thousands of people because he worked for charitable human beings.

He also funded large amount in Shahid Afridi Foundation, organization dedicated to providing healthcare, education, and clean drinking water to underprivileged communities in Pakistan 

Shahid Afridi Early Age

Shahid Afridi is the popular batsman of Pakistani international cricket.From an earlier age he saw the dream to be the best player, when he was eleven years old he joined a Karachi cricket club with his brother Mushtaq khan to begin to be a professional cricketer.

Afridi practiced more and improved himself in the beginning of his teenage years. He was the number one batsman in the Karachi club before his professional career. He wanted to be the best bowler but when he started batting, he became a super batsman.

Shahid Afridi Date of Birth

Shahid Khan Afridi was born in Khyber Agency, in ( FATA)on 1st of March,1980. Now his age is around 43 years. He belongs to a Pashtun family. Afridi’s grandpa’s house is in his birthplace and spent his earlier age in Khyber.  

Shahid Afridi Full Name And Nickname

The  Full Name of Shahid is Sahibzada Muhammad Shahid Khan Afridi. Everyone called him Boom Boom Afridi as nickname.He is a good muslim and his nationality is pakistan. Physically he was fit when played cricket but now his fitness is also the same because he does exercise continuously. 

Shahid Afridi Start journey

At the age of 16 years, Afridi started his career in October 1996. He salacted at the place of his brother  because his brother Mushtaq Ahmad was injured. 

He played in  the four-nation Sameer Cup 1996–97 first time in the ODI Team of Pakistan international. He showed his excellent  performance in this series and became the best player of the Pakistani international team. 

Afridi played many series and his overall progress was good and better. Afridi thinked that he would perform as the best bowler but his batting progress was superlative. His achievements all the time in both fields were so good. 

Afridi’s Career Information

  • Shahid Afridi Test debut: Afridi joined Pakistan test team on Oct 22, 1998, vs    Australia at National Stadium,
  • Afridi ODI debut: Shahid afridi debut in ODI cricket on Oct 02, 1996,  vs Kenya at Aga Khan Sports Club Ground,
  • Shahid Last Test:  Boom boom afridi played his last test match before his retirements on Jul 13, 2010, vs Australia at Lord’s
  • Boom Boom T20 debut: He joined T20 cricket on Aug 28, 2006, vs England at County Ground,
  • Afridi Last T20: The last t20 match afridi played on May 31, 2018, vs West Indies at Lord’s,
  • Shahid IPL debut: Shahid Khan Afridi also played in IPL. He joined indian premier league on Apr 22, 2008, vs Delhi Capitals at Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium,  
  • Afridi Last IPL: Shahid Afridi played only one IPL season, the last match he played in IPL on May 27, 2008, vs Chennai Super Kings at Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium

Shahid Afridi Achievements in ODI’S

In the One Day International test series, Afridi’s hitted the career of individual way and progressive reported to be shown in all test matches. 

In ODI’S Afridi hit the century with 37 balls and made him the best record in the world. Another century he made in 45 balls against Bangladesh. Afridi ranked in ODI series and made a total 6000 runs in which he kicked 280 sixes and also got 270 wickets in more than 40 test matches.  

Shahid Afridi Awards

  • Shahid Afridi won awards from his country.
  • He got 1st award on 23 March 2010,by the president of pakistan Asif Ali Zardari at his performance. 
  • Another award Afridi got on 23 March 2018,  the Sitara-i-Imtiaz by President of Pakistan Mamnoon Hussain.

Shahid Afridi Impact on Team

Afridi has a good impact on his team. As You know he is a power hitter, shahid helped his team in crucial situations many times. He has very excellent batting skills that made him a powerful hitter

Afridi was popular in Pakistan because of his hitting sixers, he was mostly playing on number 4 or 5th batsman. Fans in Pakistan were praying to lose wickets to watch shahid afridi’s Performance.

Shahid Afridi Net Worth 2023

According to your knowledge, Shahid Afridi was the fastest player of all rounders. He charged different fees for different test series. Here we will deliver you all details of Afridi like his salary, income, Shahid Afridi net worth and sources of net worth. 

From the information sources we will talk about the net worth of Afridi. His net worth is approximately 5 billion in Pakistani rupees which is nearly 30 million dollars in USD. 

The major source of his net worth is cricket and other sources are endorsements and advertisements. Afridi is a businessman, he earns large amounts through them and collects money from various foundations. Shahid Afridi’s fee of per T20 Match 280,000, and his 8 Lakhs  per Test Match fee.

Shahid Afridi’s per ODI Match fee is 320,000 rupees, his 1 Crore per IPL charges. He also takes 1 Crore per PSL, and annually his income is over 20 Crore rupees. His retainer fee is 375,000.

Shahid Afridi Endorsements

Shahid Afridi is the most wanted batsman in the world. Popular brands linked with him for promoting their products and Afridi contracts agreements with them in large commitment.

These popular brands are as follows 

  •  Pepsi
  •  Habib Bank, 
  •  Head & Shoulders,
  •  Mobilink 

Many more brands also joined with boom boom Afridi rewarded huge amounts. 

Cars and superbikes Collections of Shahid Afridi

Some cars and bikes that Afridi buys and some are based on his performance. These are very expensive, namely.

  • Toyota Land Cruiser Prado
  • Bentley Continental
  • Porsche Panamera 
  • Harley Davidson V-Rod
  • Yamaha V Star 650
  • Suzuki Hayabusa


Shahid Afridi was the famous and number one all rounder player of the Pakistani international team. No one can break his record. He is the power of Pakistan. 

Afridi loved to play right-handed, he won great prizes because of his performance. He is the best star of Pakistan, and an honorable personality of the world. Everyone likes him heartily and welcomes him in his country. Shahid Afridi pa-inda-baad.

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