Muhammad Rizwan Net Worth in Rupees, Biography,  age, salary, Achievements.

If you should get all the information about the Cricketer  Muhammad Rizwan then you are now in the right place because here you could take all the details about him. Currently Muhammad Rizwan is a wicket-keeper of the Pakistani cricket team . 

Here you will learn about the biography, salary, age, achievements, family and status of Muhammad Rizawn. You will also get information about Muhamad Rizwan net worth in rupees.

As you know, Muhammad Rizwan belongs to a pashtun family .In this information you’ll know how he interned in the Pakistani International team? And When he join this team? All statistics of Rizwan are discussed for your knowledge.

He has good friendship bond with whole Pakistani team. But his best friend is Babar Azam.

In this data you’ll notice the current Muhammad Rizwan net worth in rupees and its sources . His net worth is becoming greater day by day. 

He is a hard worker and high rated wicket-keeper player.  Rizwan improved himself in his earlier period of time. He is the second opener batsman and good player of his team. 

Biography of Muhammad Rizwan

According to your accomplishment Muhammad Rizwan is an International player of pakistan cricket team. He was born in Peshawar, city of the province of khyber pakhtun khan  on 1st of  june 1992. Presently his age is around 31 years

His full name is Muhammad Rizwan. He has six siblings. Rizwan is one of his family members who achieved his goal after deep rooted hard work. He is married to his cousin. Rizwan has two daughters. 

He is Pakistani and loves his beautiful country. Batting style of Rizwan is superior. He is a right-hand batsman and satisfactory wicket-keeper. His height is 5 ft 7inch, ( 170 cm) weight is around 73 kg. He is physically fit but his bowling rate is medium. 

International success and Recognition

Muhammad Rizwan was appointed to the international cricket team in 2015.  He played plenty  of test matches indoor and outdoor. Almost 28 test matches have been played by Rizwan. In which his performance was super. 

His batting and fielding was superior in all test series. In these matches he made a total of 1423 Runs in which he has 164 Fours and 7 sixes . Recently he played against Sri Lanka in Colombo in which his progress is more acceptable. He contributed 50 runs off 67 balls. 

In ODI Career, he participated in 63 matches in which his scoring graph was upstanding. He compiled 1605 runs, and overall matches his average scores was 36. In these matches he left a mark of 136 fours and 14 sixes. 

Muhammad Rizwan has played a total of 85 matches in the T20 series. All in all his achievements are of a higher level. One of his good achievements was that he played T20 Against South Africa with his partner babar azam and scored 197 runs. 

Brand Endorsements and Sponsorships

Muhammad Rizwan is a prominent batsman in the Pakistani cricket team. Due to his high performance, many Brands offer him the Endorsement of their products. Rizwan earns a massive amount of charge for advertising their products. 

He was earning nearly $65,000, in the beginning but nowadays he is earning around $200,000. Muhammad Rizwann endorses different types of brands like, HBL,Grey Nicolls, Papsi, Abaab etc.

Many brands get large benefits through sponsorship advertising of famous personalities and paid huge amounts to slabities. These sponsorships create an excellent impact on muhammad Rizwan net worth in rupees. 

Personal Life and Investments of Rizwan

Muhammad Rizwan is Muslim batsman. He offers prayers on time and spends his life in Islamic rule regulations. He is a power of his team and does  work honestly for  his country. Many players invest his money in different states but Muhammad Rizwan didn’t outlay his money from Pakistan. 

Muhammad Rizwan’s Salary

As you know about the profusion of Muhammad Rizwam. He is a cricketer of Pakistani  international cricket team. His monthly income is around 25 lakhs in Pakistani Rupees. 

Annual income of Muhammad Rizwan is approximately 10 crore in Pakistani rupees.  The sources of his income is cricket , Endorsements, and Advertisements. 

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These sources gave him lots of money and became greater personalities of Rizwan. His PCB salary is round about 1.25 million in Rupees and PSL salary is 1.3 million. 

Muhammad Rizwan net worth in rupees

The Net worth of Muhamman Rizwan is nearly 6 million in dollars which is equal to 48 crore in Indian Rupees and 141 crore in Pakistani Rupees.   

Education of Muhammad Rizwan

Recently Muhammad Rizwan registered in executive education in which he achieved best  as a better cricketer. The school name was  Harvard Business School . He practiced sports from his earlier life but he joined Islamia College University of Peshawar to improve his batting skills. 

He is a qualified batsman and joined this institute for domestic tournaments. No one supported Rizwan for achieving his career in his family.  But  he joined the club on his behalf and made the power of his team.     

House of Muhammad Rizwan

Muhammad Rizwan spends  his life in a luxury home nowadays .He lives in peshawar with his family. His house is in a beautiful town, in Peshawar , the town of peshawar. 

Mohammad Rizwan Latest Car Collection

Pakistani cricketer Muhammad Rizwan is the best player of the team because his wicket keeping field is tight. He has some superior cars. Here we discuss his cars and its prices in Pakistani Rupees. 

  • Toyota Land Cruiser V8: Price of this vehicle is 5.26 crore in Pakistani rupees.
  • Toyota Land Cruiser Prado: Its price is 4.14 crore in PKR.
  • BMW X5: Its price is 4.19  crore in PKR.
  • Audi Q7: Its price is 4.3 crore .
  • Honda Civic: Its price is 63.49 Lakh in Pakistani Rupees.

Muhammad Rizwan has very majestic collections of cars that are expansive and delightful. 


Muhammad Rizwan is a nice personality batsman of his career. He belongs to a pashtun family and lives in the city of  peshawar, in the province of khyber pakhtun khan . 

Rizwan is a religious Muslim. He is letrate and honorable man. Muhammad Rizwan is honest for his country and star of his country. He also works on his passion heartily. Many people like him and give positive comments about him on social media , twitter, Facebook, instagram etc. 

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