Biggest Open World Games – According to Map size

Would there be any person who does not like open-world games?  I don’t think so. Every gamer likes open-world games as they offer the biggest map to go through. There are mountains, rivers, oceans, meadows, buildings, and even space, hence every place one can think to visit.

There are many biggest open world games whose map size is greater even the landmass of the planet Earth. That is the reason why open-world games are loved so much.

In this blog post, we are going to mention the few biggest open world games of all time according to their map size. These are so widely made that no one has ever reached the end of the map in these games.

World of Tanks

World of Tanks is a free open-world game that can be played on PC. The player can engage in epic battles with his friends or the other players of the game. The player will become a real Tank commander and he should have to make a strategy to defeat his enemies.

There are 600 authentic tanks in the game which are made realistically. Players can compete in the war in forests, deserts, industrial zones, open fields, and other forty unique places where they can fight the war. It is considered one of the best realistic tank games.

  • World of Tanks was developed and published by Wargaming and was released on 12 August 2010.
  • There are 23 maps in the game with an average size of 1 km.
  • It uses 70 GB of space and 4 GB of RAM.

Red Dead Redemption II

With a map size of 195 square km, this game is considered one of the biggest open-world games which seems much more large because the player travels on a horse. There is almost every kind of environment that the player can experience.

It includes mountains, open fields, small towns, large cities, deserts, and even haunted places are also available. All these places make the game much more interactive. 

  • Red Dead Redemption II was developed and published by Rockstar Games and was released on 26 October 2018.
  • This game is of 150 GB and it requires 8 GB RAM PC to run smoothly.

Death Stranding

In this game, you work for a company where the player’s job is to deliver cargo from one place to another. The players are actually monitored to track the delivery and to check whether there is any damage or the cargo is safe.

There are many different creatures in the path to stop the player and he has to fight with them. The game includes mostly mountainous areas and the map of the game is too wide to experience which is 595 square km.

  • Death Stranding was developed by Kojima Productions and published by Sony Interactive and was released in 2019 for PlayStation and in 2020 for Windows.
  • It takes 80 GB of system space and 8 GB RAM is a must for its working.

Test Drive Unlimited 2

This game has become one of the favorite games for racing game fans. In this game, the player becomes part of a large championship in which he becomes a top racer by dong racing and climbing in a competition.

This game provides two large islands along with a day-night cycle which makes its size 1600 square km. These are Ibiza Island and Oahu Island which also exist in reality therefore, it gives the game a realistic look by the developers of the game.

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Test Drive Unlimited 2 also provide many different environments to drive and it becomes a great experience for the player when they go to long drive.

  • Test Drive Unlimited 2 was developed and published by Eden Games and Atari respectively and was released on 8 February 2011.
  • It requires 2 GB RAM and 8 GB space in the system.

Final Fantasy XV

It is one of the best RPG games which is based on the franchise’s mystical world and the player competes with multiple creatures and bosses in the story. The game also provides customizable cars to players which they can transform the way they want.

The game has a map size of 1813 square km including land and space. There is so much to explore on the map and the players find it difficult to complete the whole map.

  • Final Fantasy XV was developed and published by Square Enix and was released in 2016 for PlayStation and Xbox and in 2018 for Windows.
  • The game requires 100 GB of space and 8GB RAM to work perfectly.


Minecraft is an addictive game that is based on a creative world in which the player makes his own adventurous world the way he wants. Players keep moving forward without any ending and they think that its map is endless.

But that’s not true because Minecraft’s total area is 600 million square kilometers which is equal to the area of Neptune. Remember, Neptune, can accommodate 57 earths; so think for yourself about how wide Minecraft’s map is. These kinds of games are made with procedurally generated maps which are developed by computers with programming. 

  • Minecraft was developed and published by Mojang Studios and was released on 11 November 2011.
  • It takes 1 GB of storage space and 4 GB RAM to run smoothly.

Biggest space games

The above-mentioned games fall under the biggest open world games but now you are going to know about the biggest space games whose size is bigger than planets. No one has ever reached the end of the map of these games. Below is the list of the biggest space games that have gained a lot of popularity from game lovers.

No Man’s Sky

You will be astonished to about the coming games in the list. The games mentioned earlier were also the biggest games but these space games are so wide that becomes hard to believe them. 

No Man’s Sky involves 255 galaxies and if we talk about the number of planets, it would take 600 billion years to explore all the planets in the game if each planet takes one minute to explore. There are 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 total planets in the game.

Now just think how big it is; it is definitely incredible. All these planets are different from each other in environment, civilization, culture, and systems. The players can choose any planet they like, and then make their setup there.

No Man’s Sky has four game modes including exploration, survival, combat, and trading. It is a multiplayer game where the player can interact with others and enjoy the game.

  • No Man’s Sky was developed and published by Hello Games and was released on 9 August 2016.
  • It takes 15 GB of storage space and a minimum of 8 GB RAM to run smoothly.

Elite Dangerous

This game focuses on our MilkyWay Galaxy whose galaxy is in 1:1 realistic scale. In this game, our MilkyWay includes 400 billion procedurally generated star systems.

The stars near the player have more details developed in them. There are also such planets that considered similar to Earth so these are made more detailed like their environment, climate, and weather is made similar to that of Earth.

This is an RPG game that begins in a spaceship. The player takes part in different challenges and activities and earns points as a reward. They compete with other players and enjoy this wide adventurous game.

  • Elite Dangerous was developed and published by Frontier Developments and was released on 16 December 2014.
  • It takes 25 GB of storage space and requires a minimum of 6 GB RAM to work smoothly.

Eve Online

Eve Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) in which players can choose their life path and then make progress in the game. The players compete with other players, they can collect minerals, explore, upgrade their spacecraft, and do many more adventurous tasks.

To estimate this game’s size, you must have knowledge about the astronomical unit (AU) which is the distance between the sun and the Earth that is approximately 150 million kilometers. Eve Online has a total of 7800 stars system and its one-star system is 17 AU. Therefore, this game is considered the biggest game of all time.

  • It was developed and published by CCP Games and was released on 6 May 2003.
  • Eve Online requires 23 GB of storage space and a minimum RAM of 4 GB to run smoothly.


There are many other biggest open world games and biggest space games other than the mentioned ones. Almost every game is made in a procedurally generated world that seems never-ending for the user.

These games require extreme-level coding skills to develop so not everyone can make these kinds of mind-blowing games. If you have tried any of these games, share your reviews in the comment section and if you have not tried them, you should definitely give them a chance.


Which game has the biggest map in video game history?

Eve Online has the biggest map in video game history including 7800 star systems.

Does Minecraft have any endings?

Minecraft actually has an ending but its map is so large that no real man can explore this game in his life as its map is about 600 million square kilometers. It is impossible for a person to explore this much bigger game map.

How many planets does no man’s sky have?

No Man’s Sky is considered one of the biggest space games as it contains a total of 18 quintillion planets which are procedurally generated by deep programming.

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