Top 13 largest cricket stadiums in the world

Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world after soccer/football. Cricket is followed by 2.5 billion people in the world while football (soccer) is followed by 3.5 billion people. The International Cricket Council (ICC) has the control of cricket. It has 100+ countries enrolled in it but only 12 countries play cricket on an international level. In this article, you will get to know about the Top 13 largest cricket stadiums in the world.

Cricket stadiums hold great value as hundreds of cricket matches need to be hosted. There are several types of cricket matches, the most common among them are test matches, ODI matches, and T20 series. There are hundreds of cricket lovers in the world who want to take part as the audience in these matches. So, cricket stadiums are of great importance. Players also need an organized place to play against the other team.

Here is the list of the top 13 largest cricket stadiums in the world. These are numbers according to the capacity of people they can accommodate.

Narendra Modi Stadium

Narendra Modi Cricket Stadium is the largest cricket stadium in the world, located in Ahmadabad, India. Around 1.3 lakh people can accumulate here to witness the match. Initially, it did not have this much sitting capacity.

When it was opened in 1982, it can handle around 49,000 people. Then, the Gujrat Cricket Association decided to enlarge it, and in 2020, its reconstruction was completed and it became the largest cricket stadiums in the world.

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Melbourne Cricket Ground

Melbourne Cricket Stadium is the largest stadium in Australia and the second second-largest cricket stadium in the world. It is also known as “The G” It was established in 1853, and is situated in Melbourne, Australia.

It has a capacity of 100,000 cricket lovers, Among them, there are 95000 seats and 5000 standing positions. Other than cricket and Australian football, many other sports are also being played there. Among them are the Rugby Union, soccer, and the Rugby League. There have been reports of several of the largest crowds of all these games.

Eden Gardens Stadium

Eden Gardens is the second largest cricket stadium in India after Narendra Modi Stadium. It is ranked as the third-largest stadium in the world. It was opened in 1864 and has a capacity of 66000 seats. Earlier, it could accommodate more than one lakh people but when it was renovated in 2011 before the World Cup, its capacity was decreased to 66000.

It is located in Kolkata, India, and organized its first test match in 1934 which was played between India and England. The first ODI match was played many years later between India and Pakistan in 1987.

Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh International Cricket Stadium

Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh International Cricket Stadium (SVNS) was established in 2008 in Rajpur, India. It is also known as Chhattisgarh International Cricket Stadium and Nava Rajpur International Cricket Stadium. This stadium has a sitting capacity of around 65000 spectators who can witness the live match.

It is governed by Chhattisgarh State Cricket Sangh. The first cricket match hosted at this stadium was a practice match between the Chhattisgarh State team and the Canadian National Cricket team in 2010.

Perth Stadium

Perth Stadium is the third largest stadium in Australia located in Perth, Burswood, Western Australia. It was inaugurated in 2018 and has the capacity of around 61,000 people to enjoy the live match. There are also some standing rooms due to which its value and capacity is increased. Perth stadium is also known as Optus Stadium.

This Stadium has become a venue for Cricket, Australian rules football, Rugby Union, Soccer, and Rugby League. This stadium is owned by the Government of Western Australia.

Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium

Rajiv Gandhi international cricket stadium was established in 2004 in Hyderabad, India. It has a spectator capacity of around 55,000. This stadium is also known as Visaka International Cricket Stadium Ground. It is operated by the Hyderabad Cricket Association.

This Stadium was named so on the name of Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi of that time. This stadium has great importance as it is considered a higher-scoring venue for India Cricket Team.
The First International Test match was played between India and New Zealand in 2010. The first ODI match was hosted between India and South Africa in 2005 and the first T20 was played in 2017 between India and Australia.

DY Patil Stadium

DY Patil Stadium was inaugurated in 2007 in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It is the third largest Cricket Stadium in Mumbai having a sitting capacity of around 55,000 people. It is owned by Dnyandeo Yashwantrao Patil and operated by DY Patil Sports Academy.

This Stadium was mainly used for cricket but later on, it became a multi-purpose stadium as other sports started to be organized there. It is now mainly used for Cricket, football, Music Concerts, and many other events are now hosted there.

The Adelaide Oval

Adelaide Oval was opened in 1871, in North Adelaide, Australia. It has a sitting capacity of 52,000 people after the reconstruction in 2014. Its historic ground was transformed into a high-class stadium after reconstruction and now it can accommodate around 53,000 people.

Adelaide Oval is owned by the South Australian Government and operated by Adelaide Oval SMA Ltd. In 1884, the first test match that was hosted there was between Australia and England. The first ODI match was hosted between Australia and West Indies in 1975. The first T20 match was played in 2011 between Australia and England.

MA Chidambaram Stadium

MA Chidambaram Stadium (Muthiah Annamalai Chidambaram Stadium) is located in Chennai, India. It is also known as Chepauk Stadium and Madras Cricket Club Ground. It was named on the name of the former President of BCCI, and also the President of the TNCA, MA Chidambaram.

Chidambaram stadium was established in 2016 and has a spectator capacity of around 50,000. This stadium is owned and operated by Tamil Nadu Cricket Association. It is considered the second-largest Cricket Stadium in India after Eden Gardens.

Docklands Stadium

Docklands Stadium is located in Melbourne, in the state of Victoria, Australia. It was established in 2000 and has a sitting capacity of around 53,000 people. This stadium has gone through several changes in its name till now. When Docklands Stadium was inaugurated, its name was Colonial Stadium. In 2002, its name was changed to Telstra Dome but in 2009, it became Etihad Stadium. In 2017, it was named Marvel Stadium.

It is a multi-purpose stadium as several games are being played in this stadium including soccer, Australian Rules, Cricket, Rugby Union, and Rugby League.

Arun Jaitley Stadium, Delhi, India

Arun Jaitley Stadium was formed in 1883 in New Delhi, India. This stadium is governed by the Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA). It is the second oldest cricket stadium in India and after Eden Gardens in Kolkata is also known as Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium. This stadium underwent several reconstructions as its style was too old. It was later constructed according to modern style to organize international cricket matches.

Arun Jaitley Stadium has a sitting capacity of around 42000 people who can witness the live match. The first-ever international cricket match that was played at this stadium was a Test match between India and West Indies in 1948.

Eden Park

It is the national stadium of New Zealand. Eden Park is Located in the city of Auckland and is considered the largest stadium in the country. It has a capacity of around 42000 people.

Eden Park Stadium was formed in 1900. At first, it was just a farm. Later, it transformed into a cricket stadium and has slowly increased its capacity with time. In addition to cricket, two Rugby World Cups have been played in this stadium. The largest number of crowds recorded in 1956 was 61,240 people.

The Gabba

The Gabba is one of the top cricket stadiums in Australia. It is located in Brisbane, Australia. This stadium is 170.6m long and 149.9m wide and has a sitting capacity of about 37000 people.

The ground of this stadium has gone through a proper renovation to make the pitch player-friendly. Other games that are being played in this stadium are Australian Rules Football, Athletics, Baseball, Cycling, Pony Racing, Rugby League, Soccer, Rugby Union, and Greyhound Racing.

The first international match that was played in this stadium was played in 1931 between South Africa and Australia. In December 1920, the first Tied test match was played between Australia and West Indies. The Gabba is also well-known because Australia hosted its first T20 international match at that stadium.


The above list of the world’s largest cricket stadiums is according to the capacity of people each stadium can accommodate. But the number can be changed as the authorities are continuously planning to make changes in the structure of the stadiums and make them even more better for the audience. Hope you liked this article.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Which cricket stadium has the highest capacity?

Narendra Modi Cricket Stadium is the world’s largest stadium now. It is situated in Ahmadabad, India, and can handle 1.3 lakh people at a time.

What are the 3 largest stadiums in the world?

The top three largest stadiums according to capacity are:
1. Narendra Modi International Cricket Stadium, India
2. Melbourne Cricket Stadium, Australia
3. Eden Gardens Stadium, India

Which is the most popular stadium in India?

Eden Gardens is the most popular and second largest stadium in India after Narendra Modi Cricket Stadium. It is located in Kolkata and can accommodate over 1 lakh people.

How many cricket stadiums are there in the world?

There are 218 total cricket stadiums in the world. They organize all cricket formats including test matches, ODI, and T20 series.

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