Diet is the aggregation of food consumed by a person or other living organisms. The word diet implies the use of particular intake of nutritive food for good health or management of weight reasons. While humans are omnivores , there are different culture and different cities while each culture and each person holds some food preferences or some food traditional and taboos. The reason may be due to personal tastes or ethical reasons. Individual’s dietary choice may be less and unhealthy for health. Our diet consist of a variety of food items. Furthermore, our body derives energy from food. Energy and the heat take from the oxidation of food, help us in doing excellent work, in our growth and development, in protecting us from diseases and repairing worn-out tissues. Therefore, it is mandatory to make proper selection of food item to constitute the required diet.


A balance diet is one that contains a variety of food items in such proportions that the body is able to get all the nutrients needed to maintain health and vitality. The quality of food required differs from person to person. It depends on age, sex, profession and physiological conditions.To get the real nutrition from your diet, you should consume the majority of food in your daily diet:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Pulses and cereals
  • Milk and milk products
  • Meat and fish
  • Fats and sugar


Being healthyย and physically fit should be a necessary part of your life. Its a way of living a happy and healthy life.ย  Living a healthy lifestyle can help prevent diseases, short-term and long-term illnesses. Feeling happy and good yourself and taking care of your health is important for your self-esteem and personality. A healthy lifestyle is a right way to live a happy and good life.

There is no one such particular food item that can provide whole nutrition to our body for functioning, so in order to have a balanced and healthy diet we need to have a variety of nutritional food to ensure that we get all the nutrients in appropriate quantity of food.

It totally depends on person’s age, sex, body weight. Although, adults need nutrients for optimal body growth and development and for functioning essential functions of body, infants and children need nutrients for growth. Moreover, they need 2-3 times more the amount per kg body weight as compared to adults.

A specific and healthy diet may be chosen to seek weight loss or weight gain. Loosing or gaining weight can change the energy balance and it can be the reason of increase or decrease the amount of fat stored by the body. Some foods are particularly recommended, for conformity to the essential for a particular and healthy diet. These diets are often recommended in conjunction with exercise and yoga. Particularly, weight loss programs can be injurious to health, while others may be beneficial and can thus be the reason of healthy and essential diet. The terms “healthy diet” and “diet for weight management” are related, as the two promote healthy weight management. Having a healthy diet is a way to prevent health problems or health diseases and will provide the body with the right weight and it coordinates the balance of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.COMPLETE NUTRITION REQUIRED
Complete nutrition requires ingestion and absorption of minerals, vitamins , essential amino acids from protein and necessary fatty acids from fat-containing and nutritive food, also energy from food those who are in the form of carbohydrate, protein, and fat. Dietary habits play a vital role in the quality of good and healthy life. These diets may require multivitamin nutritional food, which is required for human body.
Many people choose food from animal sources for good health reasons, issues surrounding morality, or to reduce their personal impact on the environment, although some of the public mentality about diets have lower impacts are known to be wrong. People those who prefer raw foods is another contemporary trend.

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